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19-Dec-2019 22:41

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As far as resources permit, to the best of our ability and the limit of our energy, we will put a roof over their heads, food on their tables and clothes on their backs.

We will educate their children and foster their health.

For it is the priority of my administration to create the environment of peace and order in which business does well.

But, surely, it is time for the masses to enjoy first priority in the programs of the government.

Cory Aquino brought freedom back after it was taken away and Fidel Ramos showed how power should respect the people’s freedom of choice in elections. Six years after Cory Aquino, the foundations of a strong economy were laid.

They also began the slow and difficult work of making freedom more meaningful — not just for the rich but also for the poor who are more but have nothing. Time to speed up the improvement of the living conditions of the common people. In the six years of the Ramos administration, the economy was paying big dividends to its biggest stockholders.

We acknowledge a debt of gratitude to Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel Quezon, Ramon Magsaysay, Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos, and the magnificent twelve of the 1991 senate who voted for Filipino sovereignty and honor. Why must economic progress always be at the people’s expense?

These are the men and women who gave birth to the idea of Filipino freedom; who struggled in war to give it recognition; and worked in peace to make it come true. When it was a question of economic reforms to rebuild business confidence and restore business profits, the reforms were never too fast or too hard, especially for the common people to bear.

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I appeal to the coming congress to search its conscience for a way to stand behind me, rather than against me, on the pork barrel issue and find a way to convert pork into tuition subsidies in the public and private schools.

No government is so powerless that it cannot protect its citizens, especially when they are victimized by government agents.

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