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Her first official function was at the Leadership conference held from Sep- tember 10 to 12. Although Miss Nugent's quarters will be off- campus, she feels that this will not alienate her from the col- lege's social phase, but will be to her advatnage.Prior to coming to Muhlenberg, Miss Nugent served as an assist- ant professor in Early Childhood and Elementary education at Temple university. In an inter- view for the WEEKLY, the gray- haired, soft-spoken woman said that problems arising in the dorm- itory are to be referred to the housemothers, but that any wom- an should feel free to call on her in her office in the Administra- tion building.(Text of Student council resolu- tion will be /ound on pape 3.) misused hazing, (2) freshmen be- ing interrupted during class time, (3) unnecessary physical exer- tion, and (4) difficulty in super- vising the entire body of upper- classmen.It is felt by some mem- bers of Student council that the trend in United States colleges and universities is to ultimately elim- inate hazing.New Hen The new men on the Muhlen- berg staff Include Dr. Roeder, visiting professor in edu- cation, Eugene C. assist- ant professor of economics, David Reed, assistant professor in phi- losophy, and Paul W. She spent last year in Paris, France as an exchange teacher. Griffith, the mother of four children, holds a master's degree in biochemistry from the Univer- sity of Minnesota.

Born in New Jersey Miss Nugent is the daughter of parents who came to the United States from southern Ontario. A box will be placed In the lobby of the Administration building where all cards are to be deposited after the correc- tions are made.She was born in Bound Brook, New Jersey and resided in Brooklyn, New York for a short time. The informa- tion on these cards is extremely important and students are ask- ed to make their soon as possible.Later she and her family moved to Los Angeles where she received her secondary and higher education. Phi Kappa Tau Men Move Into House; Building Nears End Construction on the new Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house is nearing completion as twenty- eight men move in this week.Sources claim that the house will be ready in time for the fall Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa., September 18, 1958 No.

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1 Council Rules Alternate Plan On Regulations After a one hour bout on Tuesday at 10 a.m., Student council passed a motion re- stricting all hazing of Fresh- men by upperclassmen, Fresh- man Tribunal, or Student council itself.

These new staff members w Ul be greeted at a dinner and reception in the College commons on Fri- day evening.

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