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Right now, the young owlets look like “little dinosaurs”, with big talons (legs) relative their body size, a pointed beak and a protruding belly after feeding time.This will soon change when they start to grow their stiff adult facial disk feathers around their face, which will make them look more like an owl and will also aid them in hearing when they one day will hunt their own prey.We are proud to be recognized as one of western Canada’s ‘Owl Hot Spots’.Have a look up toward the back of the Garden Spot and you’ll see 3 of our newly erected ‘Owl Barrels’.So overall, compared to last year when the breeding season was rather late, this year seems more "normal" and the majority of nest sites seem to be on the same schedule.The female barn owl will generally incubate her eggs 24 hours, 7 days a week, for about 30-32 days before eggs hatch.The parents will also continue to feed them as it does take the young owlets a little while to master the art of hunting.

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Barn owls have the longest wing span of all owls relative to their body size.

A lot of fun and interesting behaviour has already been documented and I’m sure we will see more unique and intimate moments this coming week before we will wish them the best of luck!