Stop wow from updating

16-Oct-2019 17:16

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Some of the users reported a malfunction of the download speed monitor.

Namely, even though the counter shows 0 b/s, the update is still being downloaded.

Blizzard, vastly known for World of Warcraft and Dota, expanded its user-base with Overwatch last year, as the game gained amazing popularity in no time.

And that was a hard task since the competition is rather stiff.

Additionally, at this time, based on their expected population and queues, we strongly advise people to move off the following realms: If you are currently planning to play on one of these realms, you should expect extremely long queue times that take several hours to get through.

In order to have a better play experience, we urge players on these realms to consider moving to the Blaumeux (Pacific Time Zone) and Skeram (Eastern Time Zone) realms.

Nevertheless, even though the game is a gem, there are some issues that can prove as quite a challenge for a considerable player population.

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We don’t want 30 realms that get connected later because of population issues. And how they had absolutely no idea, and were given no warning.if i do try and log in with my email, even a wrong password sends me to the "downloading update" screen. Using email address will airways lead to the client updating itself. Try it again with username and make sure you don't try the email at all. Take a screenshot of it and post it so we can check it's correct. We take these seriously and will alert the proper authorities.

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