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10-Oct-2020 14:24

The bill would implement teen dating abuse education in middle and high schools statewide.

Also in New York, Action Leader Stephanie Piston has been working with Vera House, a domestic violence shelter in Syracuse, to create a teen dating abuse education program, and she has met with Assemblyman Al Stirpe to discuss implementing a similar program statewide.

If you or someone you know is in a relationship where one person acts like this, there are places you or your friend can go for help. Creating awareness about dating violence among teens can help prevent more teens from getting physically or emotionally abused in their relationships.

For example, you might talk to your guidance counselor about hosting an event at your school.

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EDUCATION Eighty-four percent of parents believe that schools should provide dating education, but only 30 percent say their child's school currently offers such programs — the kinds of programs MADE is advocating nationwide. FOR PARENTS, TOO Although 82 percent of parents say they feel confident they could recognize the signs if their child were experiencing dating abuse, 58 percent could not correctly identify all the warning signs (find them at

And less than one third of those who have been in an abusive relationship confided in a parent about it. ESPECIALLY IN TOUGH TIMES Of the teens whose families have gone through economic problems this past year, 44 percent report witnessing abusive behavior between their parents.

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