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There were large quantities of clay, suitable for brickmaking, along the stream.The government decided that more money was to be made from issuing brick maker's licences at five shillings per month.For the same reasons Alexandra, Gauteng was planned for Black ownership in 1912.The subsequent Natives Land Act of 1913 did not change the situation because it did not apply to land situated within municipal boundaries.In April 1904 there was a bubonic plague scare in the shanty town area of Brickfields.The town council decided to condemn the area and burn it down.The fledgling town of Johannesburg was laid out on a triangular wedge of "uitvalgrond" (area excluded when the farms were surveyed) named Randjeslaagte, situated between the farms Doornfontein to the east, Braamfontein to the west and Turffontein to the south.

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The Act required local authorities to provide accommodation for Natives (then the polite term for Africans or Blacks) lawfully employed and resident within the area of their jurisdiction.

The government, who sought to differentiate the white working class from the black, laid out new suburbs for the Burghers (Whites), Coolies (Indians), Malays (Coloureds) and Black Africans (Africans), but the whole area simply stayed multiracial.

Soweto was created in the 1930s when the White government started separating Blacks from Whites, creating black "townships".

Reforms followed, but riots flared up again in 1985 and continued until the first non-racial elections were held in April 1994.

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In 2010, South Africa's oldest township hosted the final of the FIFA Soccer World Cup and the attention of more than a billion soccer spectators from all over the world was focused on Soweto.The name Soweto was first used in 1963 and within a short period of time, following the 1976 uprising of students in the township, the name became internationally known.

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