Soulmate dating guardian adult dating singapore

22-May-2020 11:43

Maybe I am too old fashioned and I need to do what you suggest turquoise and be proactive - I think maybe these guys are waiting on the women to make the move - Im seeing someone tomorrow from the site so I may find out from him how he finds the site. Hi I am new to this site and have been meaning to join something like this for ages.

I have mum friends but they are all attached and it's different being alone.

I've been on other sites too, including Soulmates and Po F and my advice would be just to keep at it, even when you think it's never going to work.

It's early days but I can see it getting serious.

When you add in all the wannabe's, married men and people looking for 'friends' only that you have to sift through them online as well now it can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack.

And in reality finding a partner can be like that regardless on where you look.

I know several people who've met good 'uns this way, so good luck to you.

And make sure you've got a profile that stands out and great pictures with you smiling - even though I'm 50, I got lots of responses because people were attracted by my smile (and that includes the eyes).

It also makes a massive difference where you are - lots of talent in London, Brighton, Edinburgh etc, bugger all in the sticks.