Sober dating born again christian dating in usa

13-Sep-2019 20:54

In fact, I’m probably more comfortable than when surrounded by females.

I am tactile and caring, and this can be misunderstood by a man who was not brought up in the same way.

My nerves can get the better of me and I stumble across my words.

My actions relate to feeling like a teenager, which is probably how old I am in sobriety terms.

And additionally, the confidence to bat off the ones I wasn’t interested in.

In fact I met my ex husband whilst I was very drunk in a nightclub. (Of course I had to have a few drinks before meeting him again.) I’m not sure now if I ever made good relationship choices.

As such, I am totally unsure of myself or how I come across to others.

Another struggle I have is the fine line between like and My childhood was predominantly surrounded by men (brothers, male cousins, uncles etc) so I am very comfortable in the company of men.

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I have to find a way to be aware of how I might feel about someone.Whilst I embrace not being in a relationship just now, I also know it would be lovely to meet someone.