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Fact: To accommodate the size of the athletes, all doors in the venue are required to be at least 2.4 metres high.Post Games: It will be dismantled after the London 2012 Games.Post Games: After the Games, Earls Court will go back to being an exhibition centre and music arena.4) Venue: Eton Dorney Location: Near Windsor Castle, 25 miles west of London Hosting: Rowing, Canoe Sprint, Paralympic Rowing.Capacity: Ex Ce L will be divided into 4 sports halls with capacities ranging from 6,000 to 10,000.About: It is an existing venue which is an exhibitions and conference centre and rivals Earls Court for being the best exhibition centre in London. Fact: Since 2000, Ex Ce L has welcomed over 5 million visitors from over 200 different countries.

7) Venue: Hadleigh Farm Location: East of London in Essex Hosting: Mountain Bike Capacity: 3,000, not including standing around the course About: It is a new, 550 acre venue, which is the alternative site to the original Weald County Park which was deemed not challenging enough.Fact: Hadleigh Farm is owned by the Salvation Army Post Games: The temporary structures will be taken down.