Shyness in dating dating brazilian guys

29-Sep-2020 04:38

A girl isn’t going to notice you if you don’t make yourself visible.

I used to be extremely shy, and only conquered it after talking to hundreds of thousands of women.

Tackling your shyness head-on will put you way ahead of the curve with your competition.

Very few shy guys actively work on this side of their character. For a start, if you’re too shy to approach a girl, you’re putting the conversation on a pedestal.

You’ve got no end game when you’re relaxing with your friends, but if all you’re thinking about is getting laid when you’re talking to a girl, that’s going to raise the stakes of the conversation in your head.

Simultaneously, you could also have a negative narrative in your mind when you approach. Tipping a glass in a girl’s direction at a bar is yet another.

You also need to abandon the idea that any girl is “too good” for you because she’s good-looking.

You can eventually ramp this exercise up to the level of “showing intent.” This is the step of making it clear why you’re talking to a girl, and it can seem daunting if you don’t normally talk to women.