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07-Nov-2019 17:46

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And here she offers to guide you along the road to riches through investments in precious metals and crude oil futures. You open an account with the exchange she works for, download the software to make transactions, and then trade on her advice. The odds of winning are huge, she claims, because she is backed up by a group of experts who can foretell the market trend. The transaction system will help you cut your losses immediately, she says. The technical charts and screen grabs from some online quote systems she posts in We Chat often go with comments and advice that she gives to her clients, such as "Good job Uncle Zhang, 700,000 yuan (8,000) in profits overnight from crude trading with 1 million yuan input, what a fortune you made", or "Congratulations, Auntie Liu, a 135 percent gain within hours from a silver price dive is really awesome." It was not long before she offered me a ticket to board her bandwagon of fortune. Previously I was constantly disturbed by phone calls and short text messages inviting me to attend forums on stocks or offering me low interest loans; although, I find these have become markedly less frequent now.

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When he arrived and texted to his expected date, she told him to purchase an i Tunes online shopping card inside the convenience store, claiming that to avoid police scrutiny a transfer of ITunes points would be safer than cash.

How the scam works is this: male students are approached on We Chat by what appear to be sexy female students; believing the person associated to a We Chat photo avatar is real, the men are engaged in friendly chatting, sometimes exchanging sexy pictures, and eventually the We Chat friend mentions that she dabbles in prostitution and will offer “services” for a fee.

What they don’t know is the person they are texting with is a scammer, and likely a man. I” — a student interviewed by Ming Pao News who did not want his name revealed — he was told two hours of sex would cost 0 and he could enjoy services all night for 0.

Ming Pao News has reported male students are also being tricked into believing “hot body” Chinese university students they meet on We Chat want to trade sex.

The We Chat scam reported to Ming Pao by one student in Richmond and two students in downtown Vancouver appears to be identical in its method and players to a We Chat sex-for-credit scam being reported in cities with large Chinese populations, including Singapore.Chinese students in Vancouver and Richmond are being targeted in an international “sex-for-credit” scam run on the Chinese social networking app We Chat.

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