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05-Apr-2020 23:08

I’m sure there’s a score for Scott Galloway somewhere. I don’t read them anymore because they hurt my feelings.

When you know they’re correct, you read it and you feel like you’ve been punched in the gut.

Maybe it was one of those distance hugs, a little pat, a pat-hug maybe.

So you think it could be done in this mathematically ...

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And your premise of The Four, your conclusion of The Four? And you know, you were saying this earlier, I was saying this earlier, now everyone seems to agree, which is a good thing. The Dean called me up to his office, and when the Dean calls you and says, “Come upstairs,” it’s either very good or very bad news. And so I do a class called The Four, which looks at the Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google platforms. Yeah, I’ve been teaching that section now for five or six years because my feeling is ... You were talking about these issues of this power early. We really don’t need a second year and if we were honest, the second year would have four classes, Amazon ... I read a lot about happiness, I read a lot about what are the signals and drivers of happiness, because I’m blessed on a lot of levels, but I still find during most of the day, I’m generally pissed off.

So, the kids come to business school, they think to establish domain expertise and currency to create economic security within their families. I think what they’re really coming there for is the step to leading a satisfying life. And so, I’ve taken it on as a personal kind of study and domain expertise, trying to develop ...

Scott Galloway: Thanks for having me Kara, I appreciate this. Listen, later on Pivot, we need to talk about the black hole, but right now, speaking of black holes, I want to talk about your book.

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