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Instead of taking the highway, drive out on Isleta Boulevard to Isleta/Hardrock Casino, through one of the oldest barrios (neighborhood) in the city, and spot one of my Albu Quirky favorites, a 30 foot cartoon Roadrunner (Warner Brothers must have loved ABQ!

) Also look for my favorite sign, “Phil’s Chile and Brake Repair”.

Hip with a mid-century, quirky chic Albuquerque moves to a unique rhythm with its own distinct personality.

Most people used to know of Albuquerque from Bugs Bunny, who would say, ” I shoulda made a left toin at Albuquoique!

” Growing up in ABQ, as us natives call it, I laughed to think that my city was recognized by such an iconic figure.

But that’s the past – today, ABQ is a growing metropolis full of whimsical sights, crisp scents, and passionate sounds.

This is an ancient Spanish tradition meant to light the way for the newborn Christ child.

Sip hot chocolate and munch on bischochitos, cookies that are a holiday tradition while you and your partner meander among the romantic, glowing gold of the luminarias.

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And while you’re there, take in the nearby National Hispanic Cultural Center, which has often featured gay Latino artists and whose large theater hosts movies for the Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, also in October.

You can even look for a production filming and sign-on as an extra to find your inner star in Tamelewood!

Downtown Albuquerque offers different cultural festivals, all manner of restaurants, and specialty shops.

Nightlife is abundant, and while most are not overtly gay, gay people are welcomed to a booming live music scene or to sip cocktails on a balcony.

1940’s-60’s urban chic, Route 66 (Central Ave), runs directly through Downtown.

Sip local sparkling wine or munch a shrimp corn dog while strolling around the monthly Arts Crawl.