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Marriages and Domestic partnerships also entitle partners to visit each other in the hospital and in prison.Domestic partners can also be entitled to make any medical decisions regarding their partner in Wisconsin.In fact, domestic partners are covered under the state's family leave act.In many states, same sex couples are not afforded the right to take leave from work in order to care for each other.Marriage was defined in early statues and in a constitutional amendment in 2006.However, as of August 2009, domestic partnerships are legally allowed in Wisconsin.Those are your legal, traditional marriage requirements.

In 1982, Wisconsin became the first state to forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation.In fact, it would be almost a decade before any other state took such action and almost thirty years before a federal law addressed the issue.In addition, Wisconsin marriage laws did not explicitly forbid legal recognition of same sex relationships.There is actually no such thing as a “Common Law” marriage in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, a legal marriage requires a ceremony, witnesses, a certificate filed in the appropriate county courthouse.For instance, Georgia, Idaho, Ohio, and Pennsylvania actually do have Common Law marriage laws for the purpose of recognizing such marriages before the date the practice itself was abolished.