Sex chatbot games

21-Sep-2020 12:14

But Alexa’s blunders are not limited to criminal solicitation and unpleasantries.

She has also been accused of recording conversations without being prompted and sending them to strangers. Sim Simi, an AI conversation program created in 2002, was accused of defamation after it insulted a former Prime Minister of Thailand.

Microsoft Tay was a well-intentioned entry into the burgeoning field of AI chatbots.

However, Tay ended up being a product of its environment, transforming seemingly overnight into a racist, hate-filled and sex-crazed chatbot that caused an embarrassing PR nightmare for Microsoft.

Designed to mimic the personality of a 19-year-old American girl, Tay learned from the conversations she had with other users.

Given Microsoft’s failure to teach Tay what to say, not surprisingly, she adopted the offensive views of other users.

It then chooses the best response based on those patterns in its conversations.

With this model, not surprisingly, Alexa has also chatted with customers about sex acts and dog defecation.

Within just a few weeks, the chatbot learned Thai, including politics and profanity.There are various humans involved at each level of a bot’s configuration.There’s the manufacturer of the artificial intelligence technology. Even the developers and those who engage with the technology are humans.The AI wunderkinds in Redmond, Washington hoped to right the wrongs of Tay with its new Zo chatbot, and for a time, it appeared that it was successfully avoiding parroting the offensive speech of its deceased sibling.

However, as one publication has discovered, the seeds of hate run deep when it comes to Microsoft’s AI.Unfortunately, it appears that there’s a glitch in the Matrix, because Zo became fully unhinged when it was asked some rather simple questions.