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21-Dec-2019 05:16

I recently had a natal-chart reading from my astrologer, during which he told me that if I ever wanted to find love, I’d have to, in his words, “get the fuck off dating apps.” Why?“Because they’re low-frequency ways of meeting people,” he told me.You know how people always say that the best way to find a job is when you’ve already got a job?Well it turns out that the best way to find a friend is when you’ve already got one — and you know how to use them.Although you may feel a good rapport with the person you are in contact with, it sometimes happens that there is no sparkle when eventually you meet. maybe one day this "friend" will introduce you to the person with whom you will fall in love. So in our network you can find Asian people, or people from Brazil, Spain, Thailand, the United States, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, the Ukraine, Sweden, and New Zealand.

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You can probably guess the first part — step away from the i Phone.Before spending the night with your perfect match, it’s always best to know exactly who it is that you’re in contact with.