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He had a doctorate in psychology and was working as a consultant in a nearby school for autistic students.By all appearances, he was someone who should have known that child pornography is wrong.“I am not the type of person who would ever intentionally harm another human being,” Dubin says. In addition to legal reform, people on the spectrum would also benefit from sex education, Dubin and others say.Autistic people are much less likely than their neurotypical peers to receive any kind of sex education, either at school or at home, according to one 2015 study.Later that year, just after dawn one Wednesday, a dozen agents from the U. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) forced open the door of his apartment.They handcuffed him and told him they had a search warrant.Some studies show that registration laws generally do not have the effect of deterring sexual offenses — in part because most sex crimes are committed by relatives and acquaintances, not by strangers.And registration can have particularly devastating effects on autistic people’s lives: It further isolates and stigmatizes them, and also limits their access to services and benefits.

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He also began looking at pornography on the internet.Some of the ads he clicked on led to sites with pictures of minors, which he downloaded to his computer.