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11-Mar-2020 03:49

What do you need to look for in terms of quality and condition in order to flog the book for a tidy profit?

Surely, it’s not as easy as searching online for a copy?

A plain-covered copy of this title has never been found to date, but always worth keeping your eye out just in case!

Generally speaking the older your book is, the more it’s likely to fetch you as you set off to make money selling vintage Ladybird books.

Ten years ago, you could get a whole box of Ladybird books for £1 at car boot sales or pick them up for 5p in charity shops.

But with the internet, and particularly e Bay, prices have shot up over the last five years.

People are starting to see what they can get for their old books and it’s getting harder to find great bargains. Even charity shops like Oxfam, which have book experts on hand, expect higher prices, so you have to be careful that you don’t pay over the odds.

To make money selling vintage Ladybird books you should go for first editions as they fetch the highest prices as due to scarcity.

A quick look on uk reveals that you buy vintage Ladybird books on the site, but how do you know if you are getting a collectable?While most collectors either try to amass one of everything the company produced (quite a feat as there were several hundred produced between the most popular period 1940-1980) others specialise in a single series such as to name but a few.Some Ladybird enthusiasts will hunt high and low for first editions, while others are drawn to particular illustrators and their imaginative artwork.It can be difficult identifying this on some Ladybird books as they have a tally system and each tally number corresponds to a different year.

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This tally chart also tells you how many books have been published by Ladybird.

While those without prices can also be approximately dated by examining the logos on the cover or the colour Endpapers – a leaf of paper at the beginning or end of a book, typically one fixed to the inside of the cover.