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This is also her first super public relationship with a woman.While they were dating Amber legally changed her name to Amber van Ree, but later switched it back to Amber Heard. They didn’t start dating until years after meeting in 2012.The two dated while Amber was still living in Austin, Texas before she took up acting.Alejandro helped Amber jump-start her career and move her out to Los Angeles.But, in theory, fans should be happy to hear everyone seems to be moving on.

Just saying.) magazine he would have married Faris the day he met her if he could have, but he knew that "would be crazy." Instead, he ended up popping the question in 2008 and they were officially hitched in 2009. 6, 2017, when Pratt shared they were going their separate ways in a Facebook post.

Now that Faris is officially back on the market after her divorce to fellow actor Chris Pratt, some fans might be wondering about everyone Anna Faris has dated in her lifetime. They reportedly cited "irreconcilable differences" as their reason for divorce.

Sure, she probably had college flings and high school sweethearts, but if we're only counting her baes Faris was married to actor Ben Indra from 2004 to 2007. Of course, after Indra came Pratt, and now, Faris is being linked to her first man since her most recent divorce. According to Pop Sugar, Indra and Faris met on the set of the 1999 horror film, Reportedly, court documents show Faris ended up paying Indra 0,000 in a property split and acting royalties after their breakup.

They sorted out the legal issues and the dogs returned to America. In May 2016 Amber called 911 because Johnny threw a cell phone at her face and hitting her. A few days after that Amber request a restraining order against Johnny.

During their divorce more details about Johnny’s abuse came to light including photos of Amber’s bettered face.

After her divorce from Johhny, Amber began dating Elon Musk.