Scientific dating of the ramayana and the vedas

21-Aug-2020 14:57

It led to fear among historians that the ICHR would henceforth expend all its energy dating the epics, a field that many historians dub ‘unhistorical’.

According to a recent news report, the ICHR will soon be taking up research projects on new approaches to writing ancient Indian history based on Sanskrit texts, and revisiting the theme of Aryan immigration into India.

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This exhibition gives scientific basis for all of this." The minister's comments made earlier to a TV channel on the late APJ Abdul Kalam being a nationalist despite being a Muslim created a controversy on Friday.

And India's culture minister, Mahesh Sharma, says his ministry will take cognisance of this information and has sought a report.

What historians, here and abroad, say is impossible to establish, has been accomplished by one Institute of Scientific Research — or so the institute claims in its ongoing 'Unique Exhibition on Cultural Continuity from Rig Veda to Robotics'.

Many Skipped Event Among other notable invitees at the exhibition were Archeological Survey of India Director-General Rakesh Tewari and Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Dinesh Singh. Bala said HRD Minister Smriti Irani did not respond to an invitation.

"We were very keen that the HRD minister also come, but they did not respond," the director said.“According to my research, the war would have started on 14 October 1792 [1793 BCE].” A balding middle-aged man with the benign manner of one who spends a large part of his time behind mounds of data, Bhatnagar now works as the technical director of the Delhi chapter of I-Serve (Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas, an NGO).