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17-Apr-2020 13:10

Denied of ground, breath and harmonizing awareness, we let unconscious survival fear drive our actions and interactions.Including the body in our awareness allows us to build a capacity not only to rest below the mind, but to monitor and meet rising patterns in their infancy before they embroil us in triggered exchanges.• Have burning questions about who you really are and your place in the world. Like a bull with a ring in its nose, being at the mercy of our conditioned triggers creates suffering and hampers our relating—how do we free ourselves?The biblical phrase “be in the world but not of the world” implies a being who is living from a deeper reality than the commonly accepted conditioned one—showing up here but living from an embodied truth that stands sovereign and independent of history and conditioned habit. Join Jeannie and friends for an experiential exploration of embodied sovereignty and its vital role in relational sanity.Because all things are ultimately interconnected, the challenges we face and the changes underway signal a genuine transformation of the world.Change can be disconcerting; yet in troubled times the inner threads of genius, imagination and wisdom become both more important and surprisingly more available.Transformation at the level of the individual heart and soul generates the imagination and collective energy needed to change the conditions of the world.Since time began, visionaries have sought to understand and even live in the Larger Nondual Reality and the many unseen worlds that coexist with our physical existence.

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The storms and tragedies of contemporary life can be termed a spiritual crisis, in which we must awaken to a greater sense of self or else become more isolated and subject to increasing feelings of isolation and helplessness.

• Are eager to enhance your innate creativity or generate the momentum to get unstuck in some area of your life.

• Are ready to step into, and live the rest of your life as, your authentic best self. Ever feel tugged this way and that by conditioning?

It is performed to gain insight and effect healing, and has been a common practice of many indigenous cultures for thousands of years. D., is an early pioneer of adapting the shamanic journey to a therapeutic practice.

Her unique style of teaching the journey includes a process of inquiry that is transformative and helps students step fully into their own personal power.

Love is what breathes life into the equations; Love is the field in which the quarks and human beings relate. The Shamanic Journey is a method of accessing inner wisdom through a meditative state.

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