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14-Sep-2019 18:45

I was invited to moderate a NASA panel on exoplanets, with the twist of looking at them through the lens of science fiction.

How do the planets we discovery compare to those seen in that stick to “hard science” — firm adherence to known science, or extrapolation as needed but sticking to the rules created — depict worlds we already know (like asteroids and moons of outer planets)?

So no graphics, nothing but their own voice and enthusiasm. The event was live-streamed by Skybound Entertainment, and the folks involved were me, my pal and fellow astronomer Clifford V.

That sounded like a lot of fun, and I love the Exchange, so I agreed immediately. Johnson, biochemist Jaime Marach, Google software engineer Anthony D.

They were setting up an event called “Science Speed Dating”, which (despite its name) is a panel where a few scientists talk about something exciting going on in their field…

but the kicker is they only have 5 minutes to do it, and they can’t use any visuals.

However, I was bored senseless throughout the movie and there weren't really that many laughs.

The story is fairly straight forward though, as you have a group of young people setting up 'speed-dating' events at their club, in order to meet and hook up with women.

And that made the movie a rather dull and colorless experience.

Had I stayed with research as a career I might’ve gotten more into exoplanets. I put together some notes for the Speed Dating event, something to go by as I talked.

I didn’t memorize it, but I tried to hit as many of the important parts as I could.

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