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I told him from the beginning that I wanted children and a family of my own, and that I didn't just want to date a bunch of guys — that I had already done that.Can you believe I said all of this on the first date? RB: When he proposed after 10 months, were you surprised or did you expect it? Then we kept it a secret until he got me pregnant — which of course was another shock."I don't want to do Botox and the fillers, at least not yet," explains the star, who is seated across from me in the prized (i.e., most visible) perch of the lounge's patio on a warm, breezy evening. She moved to the United States in 1994, at the height of her career as a Mexican soap star, for a shot at the big screen. When she couldn't get the parts she wanted, she created them."I'm not as afraid of the wrinkles as the face falling apart and losing its tone." Her antidote: Don't freeze your face, move it, using a technique she happily demonstrates, as everyone in the joint watches. Frida, the biopic she produced in 2002 about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, earned her a slew of Oscar nominations, including one for best actress.She's helped provide tetanus vaccines to 31 million at-risk children through her work for UNICEF.And when she encountered a starving baby on one of the organization's goodwill missions to Sierra Leone almost three years ago, she didn't think twice about nursing him as the news cameras rolled.

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RB: Is one of the reasons your relationship works so well that he lets you be yourself, not some trophy wife? RB: So you don't have to deal with any macho French pride? But I'm not always dressed glamorously, because it is good for him to see the difference. I quit while I was pregnant and nursing, but started again the moment she got off the boob! How has your relationship influenced your personal style?

Also, he was so unlike anything I ever expected for myself that I fought him when I first met him and was very nasty to him. RB: What do you think his first impression of you was?

SHP: Probably "crazy girl." But something must have worked, because he married the crazy girl!

SHP: Sure, but as I got closer to my 40s I liberated myself. A husband and family might not happen, and you have to get over it and enjoy life without that." I decided to focus on the other good things I had. I told him I didn't think I could move to Paris, and he was okay with it. If he expected me to have his dinner on the table every night, then I promise you, I wouldn't cook a day of my life. [Salma had gestational diabetes, a condition that can lead to miscarriage, birth defects, and complications at birth.] Plus, we've finally figured out our family dynamic, and it works well. Valentina, however, has made it very clear that she does not want a brother or sister.

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He gave me my space and told me we could take it one day at a time. I don't ever want to have to depend on anyone completely. We're both so busy, and we don't live in the same place [because of their work, Salma spends more time in Los Angeles, François in Paris, where he has PPR, which owns Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, among other fashion brands]. I don't cook French or Mexican food with exact recipes. I give the healthy Cheetos to Valentina and I eat the real ones! "Mama," she has said, "I have enough and I do not want to share you with another brother or sister." I don't even know if I could get pregnant at this point. I wear the sweats, but I will change into something else when I know he is about to come home. If you're sour, unhappy, bitter, whiny, neurotic, and paranoid about getting older, that will age you.Salma has brought that same passion to her work as a human rights activist.

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