Roy qiu and chen qiao en dating

21-Oct-2019 22:16

With all due honesty, I haven’t been paying much attention to the music industry.

But in the 11 days that this post attempts to cover, Co Lo R, whom we’ve first heard from the soundtrack came out with a debut album on the 21st.

The old man can hear them arguing with the doctors and each other against a life saving operation.

Among the crowd gathering watching the family drama is Xie Fu An (Chen Qiao En) a country girl with a cast knowledge of traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

This pits the Yun Gao’s daughter Yan Feng Feng (Wang Juan) and her husband (Dong Zhi Cheng I am not 100% on the character name that dramawiki gives) versus his grandson (the nephew Feng Feng) Yan Da Feng (Lan Cheng Long, you will remember from PS Man).

The only one who seems genuinely concerned for his grandfather is Feng Feng’s son Yan Yang (Xiu Jie Kai, so freaking adorable) but he stays back and says nothing.

So anyway, Yun Gao’s life is saved by Fu An, much to the family’s dismay, except Yang Yan who is the only decent human being in the Yan family.

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Da Feng, with the helpful idea of his gold digging reporter girlfriend Jiang Zhen Zhen (Jocelyn Wang) sets out to get some rare and nationally protected fungus (don’t ask me what because I have no idea what it was) that is often poached but is really special in herbal medicine.

The hottest one right now is the news coverage on Andy Lau‘s marriage and the fertility tests for a child, daily, sometimes multiple times per day. Last June in Las Vegas.) Following the discovery of Andy Lau’s sneaky marriage, it’s now confirmed that Miriam Yeung (on Aug 11, 2008) and Leon Lai (on March 9, 2008) have also secretly married their respective partner in Vegas.

Vegas seems to be the all time favorite wedding spot for the rich and famous!

Turns out said old man is Yan Yun Gao (Ding Qiang), head of an herbal medical company Ba Bao Tang (I looked it up).

While he dies in a hospital room, his family is delighted to hear of his impending death and squabble over who will gain control of Ba Bao Tang.Anyway, they seem to spark great chemistry on and off screen.

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