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This program eventually interacted with Raiden alongside the Colonel AI when revealing their existence and motives to Raiden on top of Federal Hall.The Patriots then told Raiden that if he didn't eliminate Solidus, they would kill Rose, their unborn child, and the child of Raiden's deceased ally Olga Gurlukovich.Rose met Jack in front of Federal Hall on April 30, 2007, after the latter had just transferred to New York.

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As a last ditch effort to "dissuade" Raiden from proceeding further into Arsenal Gear, the Patriots created an alternate AI program mirroring Rose, and then attempted to claim that the Sons of Liberty had her on the holds of Arsenal Gear, although Snake snapped Raiden out of it, which also resulted in Raiden becoming disturbed at the possibility that Rose may never have actually existed.She also partially decided to become a part of the mission support as a means to ensure that she didn't "chicken out" of stuff she needed to settle with Raiden on April 30, the day after the mission.Although Jack was codenamed Raiden for the duration of his mission, Rose continued to refer to him by his real name, despite the Colonel having told her to avoid doing so.In 2014, Campbell requested that Rose use her new talents as a psychological counselor in CSP (Combat Stress Platoon), to provide Solid Snake with advice on dealing with stress on the battlefield.

She was first introduced to Snake by radio during his activities in South America, and continued to support him throughout his mission to eliminate Liquid Ocelot.

As per the Patriots' orders, Rose continued to date Jack for the next two years, reporting every detail of his personal life to them, though she would eventually develop legitimate romantic feelings for him.