Reasons relationships fail dating

20-Aug-2020 06:31

If we are treated like the queen bee or the alpha male by most of the people around us, it almost becomes a prerequisite while making a choice of a partner too.Fear is not good for Love Fear of loneliness, of missing out on certain aspects of life or just old age can influence our choices negatively.Some of us tend to choose someone who needs a ‘fixing’.This might come out as a little harsh but instead of fixing our own flaws we look for things in others that we can fix so that we can feel superior.Our first exposure to those mushy, romantic words comes from the mouth of our favourite actors.The rosy picture portrayed by this fictional world creates an illusion of perfect love in our minds and our expectations are hiked by these illusions. It’s a combination of imperfect emotions from two people for each other.These biases might even work for some but a lot of times they lead to wrong choices which percolate into bad relationships.No need to fit in Depending on where we are born, what kind of a family we were brought up in and most importantly what or who influenced our lives the most, our choice of a partner might vary.

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Each mind works differently and its outer expressions varies too, however, the only way to break the curse of a failed pattern is to try something different.

This again is an outward projection to the society of how we want to be perceived as a couple and seldomly has anything to do with the love and respect felt between the two people involved.

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