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I loved feeling Mom's leg but I wished she wouldn't shave them because of the stubble.

Dolly Parton started to perform her song, "Travlin' True" from "Transamerica" and Mom said, "Look at that poor old dear. Eric was massaging Mom's breast now, as we all faced the TV.A commercial came on and she said that she was going to get us some beers. " "Well, Mom, I think you have the body of a goddess. "I'll bet your breasts aren't hard at all," Eric agreed. They're real," Mom said, looking at least somewhat pleased at the compliments she was getting. "They don't have the spectacular kind of real breasts that your Mom has, Chris," Eric explained. "Hey," I said, "I'm the one who showed your breast off. " "Of course, Mark, I'm sorry," Mom said as she leaned over to give me a kiss too. Mom was breathing heavy as she kissed me and I knew we were getting to her.When Mom came back we both noticed that one more button was unbuttoned on her blouse and she leaned way over as she handed a beer to Eric and me. She's a lot older than I am and she's always had those breasts as far as I can remember." I decided to get the ball going. "That's sweet," Mom said and put her hand on Eric's leg. Look at this, Eric," I said as I pulled back Mom's open blouse as far as I could with the buttons that were undone. "Hey, finally a gown showing some tit," Eric said as Corinne Marrinan accepted the Oscar for a documentary short.Get out your vibrator and think about young Eric." Mom laughed. Eric and I had been friends since discovering each other in the computer lab at school a few months back. Jon Stewart was hosting the 78th Annual Oscars show but we all agreed he wasn't as funny as he was on the Daily Show.

"OK, honey, I've got to go too." "Bye," "Bye, Cathy." I hung up the phone after I heard Mom hang up. Dad wasn't screwing Mom and Mom had the hots for Eric! Both of us were better with programming software than stimulating lust in the girls we knew so we traded porn pictures with each other, and generally encouraged the other that better sexual days lie before us. I have got some really hot news for you that you won't believe." "What hot? But we laughed through a prepared montage of cowboy film clips that featured famous cowboy stars like John Wayne saying things that, at least out of context, were a bit gay.I had no idea there was trouble brewing until I accidentally eavesdropped on a phone conversation Mom was about to have with her best girlfriend, Cathy. I don't have much time because Patters just called me from Target and he'll be home in a minute, but how did it go last night with Hershell? "The same." "Even with your new negligee and perfume? "I'm sorry, Medaline, that nightie always works for me." "Well, maybe it is because your body isn't in it." "Don't start that again, Medaline. She tried to fill me in as best she could, and I had seen some previews for some of them on TV too. She had changed her clothes and now was wearing a light yellow blouse and light blue skirt with a belt that looked a bit tight around her womanly belly. "Hey, Mom, don't sit on the side, you can't see as well from there.