Raddatepicker not validating

08-Nov-2019 23:53

Teamed with the new unobtrusive validation javascript support we can make short work of our Model Client Validation Date Rule: to include them.

There is a little bit of conventions magic going on here, but the distilled version is that we are defining a “date” validation type, which will be included as html5 data-* attributes (specifically data-val-date).

Adding logic to the server-side Validate() method is pretty straightforward, and for this post I’m going to focus on Get Client Validation Rules().

Adding client validation is now incredibly easy because jquery.validate is very powerful and already comes with a ton of validators (including date and regular expressions for our email example).

f Date=" from Date "&t Date=" to Date); for testing purpose i added sample() under validate ; now the below date validations are firing after sample function.can i call this after all the date validations are completed.

Here are a few quick examples: This attribute comes in handy when using ASP.

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if i enter todate and left from date that is showing fine i am able to see single alert like from date is required..To work around this you can validate in the way I have shown above or perform Update Target operations on all of the Combo Box controls in the form when submit is pressed.

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