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This culture built structures and occupied the site for hundreds of years before the Inca, between 9 AD.

The ropes were so impressive that they warranted mention by Diego de Trujillo (19 [1571]) as he inspected a room filled with building materials.

They display a precision of fitting that is unmatched in the Americas.

The stones are so closely spaced that a single piece of paper will not fit between many of the stones.

They found the Temple of the Sun "covered with plates of gold", which the Spanish ordered removed in payment for Atahualpa's ransom.

Seven hundred plates were removed, and added to two hundred cargas of gold transported back to Cajamarca.

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But, while desecrating the temple, Pizarro's three men also defiled the Virgins of the Sun, sequestered women considered sacred, who served at the temple."on top of a hill they [the Inca] had a very strong fort surrounded with masonry walls of stones and having two very high round towers.

And in the lower part of this wall there were stones so large and thick that it seemed impossible that human hands could have set them in place..were so close together, and so well fitted, that the point of a pin could not have been inserted in one of the joints.

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