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09-Oct-2019 10:46

I was stunned, so I went into the forums on POF and asked what the views were on women paying the way, going to bed with the guy on the first date and was it normal for a woman to move a guy into her house after only knowing him for a couple of weeks.

I felt like I had been living in a cave or something, a lot had changed in the dozen years I had been out of circulation. I could see I had been all wrong about JC, he was perfect for most women on these sites.

To be honest, I was a little blown away that JC had managed to find a woman so quickly and that she moved him in within weeks.

I was quite confident he was going to have a hard time finding a woman who would tolerate what I had for years.

and why was the last time I insured it for him 2 weeks after they started dating?

I mean IF I was such a psycho bitch and all, you would think I would just take my fucking car wouldn’t you? Oh well doesn’t matter, my point is that women are acting like desperate fools and it is no wonder they are getting taken advantage of.

AND I don’t have to tell you how this wonderful union ended, so no guarantees of meeting Mr Right face to face either.

But to go back into the pool when you are middle age is a little daunting.Yes guys expected women to pay for dates or at least split the bill (I have always reciprocated if a guy took me out for a nice dinner but if a guy can’t afford to buy me dinner and he is 45 years old I am going to wonder what he’s got to offer, sorry if that offends anyone. and yes it is very common for a woman to move a guy into HER house within the first month of dating. I am sure JC had a really good line of lies he wove to snare these women, he couldn’t have possibly been honest and said, “I am a loser, who; was verbally, physically and financially abusive to my ex, is getting fired for stealing, live in a mouse infested rented trailer and drive a shit box car that is actually in my ex’s name and she has to insure it for me because I owe so much money to ICBC, I am in debt up to my eye balls and expect you will buy dinner, and oh yeah…..Almost everyone had the 3 date rule for sex, if the woman doesn’t come across by the 3rd date the guy is out of there! I expect sex but I will keep dating these other 9 women and let you know if you “win” me at some later point in time.” But the sad part is, I think there are women out there who would say “OK.”I believe in women having equal rights and all that and that a man does not have to support a woman, God knows I do not expect a man to take care of me, BUT for the love of Pete, I expect he should be able to support himself. I guess so because he had several to choose from and ended up with a real prize who has now sold her home and invested in joint property in timbucktoo, she lent him over ,000 in the first 6 weeks.I was also sick of men insisting on chatting online even after meeting, there is something suspicious about not wanting to TALK on the phone, not text, but real-time-you-have-to-give-me-your-full-attention-for-5-minutes conversation.

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One of the things that attracted me to JC from the very first conversation was that he didn’t even own a computer!Not to say I didn’t find him attractive, because I always did, well almost always, there were periods of time when he wasn’t terrible concerned with hygiene reserving his “handsome” self for when he went out without me.