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Evidently, there was another king, as Elvis was born a twin, but his brother didn’t make it through the complicated birth that forced his mother to go to the hospital.

As a result, his mother never had another child, and she became very attached to her young, future monarch of music.

They were so close that when she died in 1958, it’s reported that funeral guests became uncomfortable with the extreme amount of sorrow shown by Elvis. There’s an age-old question in America: Rifle or guitar? But at age 11, his mother got the guitar instead of the rifle.

She wanted to keep his fingers stringing instruments instead of pulling triggers (though she was only delaying his affinity for guns for the time being).

He was so good at singing that when he was 12 years old, a local radio station offered him a chance to sing on one of their shows, but he turned the opportunity down for a reason that’s very un-Elvis: he was too scared.

When Elvis was 19 years old, he auditioned to join a gospel quartet called Songfellows.

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I feel so privileged she trusted me with this.” Elvis’s sad attempt to woo back the woman he met while doing national service in the US Army in Germany would probably have worked had he lived, Ms Dieu believes. I think her mother was pushing her on him.“I believe there were three women in Elvis’s life who really cared about him – Linda Thompson, the longtime girlfriend he split from before turning to Ginger, his former screen co-star and lover Ann-Margret and Priscilla.

These are 30 little known facts rarely told about of The King of Rock and Roll.