Prevent xsplit from updating

02-Feb-2020 05:20

On Windows 10, a Blue Screen of Death (BSo D) — also referred as "blue screen," "stop error," or just "system crash" — will happen after a critical error that the system is unable to process and repair automatically.Usually, you may see a blue screen while upgrading to a new version of Windows 10, during startup, or suddenly while actively using the computer, and the most frustrating thing is that it's just a screen with a blue background and a sad character face without enough information to figure out the problem.Here's one of the guides I've written up.I cannot guarantee that it will help with the screen tearing issue.Yes, I have to use G-Sync and so do the rest of the PC consumers.I'm cloning this screen at 60fps, no gpu scaling on any screen.Myself and the PC gaming community are under the impression this hardware is 144hz compatible.

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I'll read your link later, thank you for that.

The HD60 Pro does not add screen tearing to a video input. Some users have reported that running at 120hz results in much less tearing or less noticeable tearing.

All I can do to help fix this is recommend googling for guides on how to setup the HD60 Pro and the GPU settings to minimize the chance it the tearing occurring. QZe_nqb Km TBi Dpj2QTf UYQJPyjck EQZlp Ha4s1o XQ0T1e0q_yn Jg Cot Jz N0x-h HHkv NFv7Oobket WD/pub Our support team will not be able to help out further as the HD60 Pro is functioning correctly.

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There's a second method you can try, which involves running OBS Studio on the gaming PC and using it to do the framerate scaling.However it does allow a user to play with smooth 144hz and still capture.