Policy on co workers dating

26-Jan-2020 18:37

In fact, intimate relationships between consenting colleagues are not illegal per se.However, employers in Ontario have a strict legal obligation to ensure that their workplaces are discrimination and harassment-free.

Failure to do so could bring significant liability against the employer.

Ensuring that the relationship is consensual is of utmost importance, although it may be difficult to determine whether an intimate relationship between a superior and their subordinate is truly consensual, given the power imbalance that often exists.

Anti-discrimination and harassment policies may not be enough when considering the serious legal liabilities employers could face when these relationships occur.

You can also say something directly to them, like: ‘Do you and your spouse (or boyfriend/girlfriend) like the same activities? ”Once again, make sure that you check your company's policy about dating between employees.

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You can subtly feel them out on having coffee or lunch.A just cause dismissal is extremely difficult for an employer to prove, and is considered “capital punishment” in employment law.