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Most of the time, the so-called quarter life crisis is merely a state of mind which only needs a change of perspective for you to go on your way. The moment you start living on your own away from your parents’ advice and support, your freedom comes with a price.

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[Read: How to stop being jealous of other people’s success] #3 Stop blaming things that you can’t control.While the latter question above is a philosophical conundrum mostly queried by old men staring at the stars from the top of a mountain, the former is usually asked during a period of self-loathing after waking up with a hangover after long night of partying.Or in some cases, after you see most of your Facebook friends “humble-brag” their successes online while you’re there stuck on the couch bingeing on Netflix and gaining weight.Regardless, most twenty-somethings experience that period of self-doubt where they ask, what am I doing with my life? It is a time when it seems that the future is bleak, and you’ll be stuck where you are for eternity. What is a quarter life crisis and how does it lead to asking what am I doing with my life?

Ask anyone from the older generation and you’ll probably get, “There’s no such a thing as a quarter life crisis,” followed by a lecture on how you’re born into luckier times and you should just suck it up, stop whining, and get a job. The so-called quarter life crisis happens during the post-college early adult days when you find yourself unsatisfied with how life is happening for you.

One thing about adult life people should learn is that things don’t always go according to plan.

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