Plain jane dating

11-Nov-2019 00:14

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Again, these stunningly beautiful women tend to bare it all at a go — so to speak. But upon closer scrutiny, they are actually far from good.

In most cases, their ‘stunner’ effect doesn’t seem to last long.

I've always been told that and sometimes I see it in my actions playing out in the worst ways. First of all, I have never, in all my years of OLD, been inundated with messages. I mean, I totally am one, but my profile actually reflects that now in a way it didn't before. Then I reported him to the administrator as being offensive and now he is blocked from ever talking to me again.

I have been rejected a million times over, both online and in the real world, so I am fairly forgiving of others when it comes to intensity and the fear of taking risks/rejection. Not when I first started, not when I changed sites...never. Do you know how hard it is to have 9 different conversations, remember unique facts about each person and not repeat your own information all at the same time? I think the difference this time around is my profile. So the reintroduction to OLD has been a little overwhelming; I've never been a social butterfly.

Silly me, why didn't I realize right away wrestling was a euphemism for sex. That this somehow falls on me (all joking of dating karma aside). These weird creepy guys have some fat fetish and this is how that plays out?

I am not stupid enough to tell men that because all they want is photos of you. If a woman wants to draw attention to her chest size, she takes a selfie of her chest, she doesn't lie about being fat. Second..asked me if I liked wrestlers and I said sure. I ask myself repeatedly what I did to deserve such bad dating karma.... I can't help but think that I am, in some way I am not aware of, attracting this type of crap.

These women’s Achilles heel is that they throw their weight around, assuming beauty compensates for their shortcomings — like horrible culinary skills. When vetted for ‘wife material’ qualities, most cute women fail miserably.

These women instill a sense of insecurity in men, which turn them into ‘guard dogs’.

Of course, these ‘hot’ women get fed up of waiting for ‘Mr Right’ and try chasing men.

Say you are interested in getting to know me, think I'm attractive, want to meet me..those things, I think, are perfectly acceptable. At this point I had not even known Car Guy 24 hours yet.

But what truly did it for me was when I didn't text him back for awhile (for the record I was working, then on-call, then sleeping).

Considering the high frequency with which randy men hit on them, their chances of succumbing to temptations and straying tend to be high.

Again, most of these women have this hidden ‘high maintenance’ cost, which, in most cases, doesn’t measure up when scrutinised in a cost-benefit analysis. Thus, when it comes to hunting for a wife, men always exploit the hidden potential of the so-called Plain Janes.I am trying my best to answer every message, even if I don't think it's a match because that is the polite thing to do and its nice for people to know, ya know?

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