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11-Jun-2020 19:28

He might take her spacy attitude as being careless, and not find anything to hold onto.Like other fixed signs, he's got to know he's investing in something real, and stable.Pisces are not usually the ones to leave relationships.Like the element of water of which they are a part of, they adapt to the container of life and the relationships they find themselves in.Like fish, they can startle easily and hide even longer. Yes, they enjoy the being with their friends, but they aren't really a fan of large crowds.When it comes to dates, Pisces would rather have a simple dinner than a crowded, elbow-to-elbow restaurant.The Pisces woman picks up on these shadow areas and meets them with compassion, empathy, big accepting eyes.She might be romanced by the dangerous, bad boy: "who I can save/redeem with my love." For a naive Pisces woman, whose boundaries are fuzzy, this can lead to a lot of hurt feelings, a loss of dignity, and a sense of sacrificing of her self.

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Both Scorpio and Pisces thrive with lots of time alone, to calm the waters, do art, get some psychic distance. He has security clearances above top secret that few reach.

She absorbs the feeling tones and psychic impressions of her intimate partners and has to choose very wisely.

The Scorpio man is often emotionally cool at first, but can become very bonded, and possessively so at times.

Members of this sign can be a bit wishy-washy and emotionally driven, and they're constantly living in a dream-like state.

As a Pisces, I know all of my partners have had to, in one way or another, adjust and adapt to my ways. It's difficult when you are naturally drawn to just going with the flow.Feel like watching a chick flick, but your Pisces wants action and gore?

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