Picasa not updating a folder

17-Aug-2020 05:33

picasa not updating a folder-64

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These are the computers that have no local Picasa information, we just use them to access our main libraries from the “server”.

Ideally we would just map the public drive on the server as a network drive under P: but we’ll run into a syntax problem.

(If you have nested folders but don’t see them in Picasa, change from “Flat View” to “Tree View” in the main View menu.) If you have a lot of flat folders, this may be a cumbersome process, but it’s one-time only. now close Picasa and let’s get really started :-) Two reminders before we start: \App Data\Local\Google\ folder – if you do, you likely copied them to the new destination instead of moving.

If that’s the case, please delete them now – we can’t have real folders with those names here, since we are going to replace them with Symbolic Links that look just like the deleted folders but will actually redirect Picasa to the new location.

For the next steps even though you’re logged into a user account with Admin rights, you will need an and make sure only the new public destination is selected, nothing else – certainly not user specific libraries.

Repeat the above relocation steps for all other users on the same computer, and check their Folder Manager setting in Picasa. All users now have shared access to all public photos, and edits, changes, thumbnails.are all maintained in a central database instantly available to all users.

We want to use the P: designation, but can’t simply rename our main hard disk, nor can we map it as a network drive, so we’ll apply the symbolic link trick again: set up a link from the root folder to the public folder.

Through a succession of new releases Google moved more information on user edits into the per-folder files, so the system was able to rebuild the database almost completely.