Personality types that seek online dating

02-Nov-2019 12:48

It’s important to understand the way that melancholics feel and experience things.

Because they process things so intensely, it can sometimes take a while to learn what makes them tick.

The melancholic temperament notices almost everything. If you’re dating a melancholic and they’re upset, it’s important to carefully weigh your words and actions.

Sanguines allow a harsh word here or there to roll off their back.

When dating a melancholic, it’s important to remember that it can sometimes feel like they are being overly critical.

But more than likely, they’re just trying to bring out the best in you, themselves, and life in general. They will pray for, think about, and sacrifice for you.

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If you’re dating this personality type, remember that they may retract into themselves at times or need space.

But they’ll always have your back and care about you deeply.

When melancholics are all in, they are really all in.

Most of the four temperaments mesh really well together. They’re deep thinkers with a strong will, so getting to know and understand them takes more effort.

But the melancholic temperament can be a different story.The young man jumped up and yelled, “You’re not bipolar! My sister is bipolar and right now she’s in the hospital recovering from a suicide attempt!

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