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25-Sep-2020 06:42

So I had to dig deeper to find some interesting tidbits on the cast of “Parks and Recreation” for today’s Mindhole Blowers, which mostly amounted to spending 8-10 hours over the weekend listening to cast members of “Parks and Rec” on various podcasts.

She cast him in the only movie she’s ever directed, Cursed Part 3.From all of those podcasts, I have pulled some of the more interesting, lesser known fact nuggets about the cast, and because it’s such a time intensive process, I’m breaking up the “Parks and Rec” Mindhole Blowers into two parts (I’ll run the second part before the season six premiere). Jeff Garlin’s (Curb Your Enthusaism) wife was Nick Offerman’s agent. Amy Poehler is only the third “Saturday Night Live” cast member to get a promotion to full cast member in her first season (Harry Shearer and Eddie Murphy were the others). When Nick Offerman began theater school, he was terrible, but because he was the only guy in his school (of “sissyfied men”) that knew how to use a goddamn hammer, they’d let him do the occasional scene in exchange for building the set. During theater school, Nick Offerman completely gave up watching sports to catch up on reading, theater, and film. Nick Offerman is actually a skilled saxaphone player, but the writers did not know that when they wrote him a sax-playing alter ego in “Parks and Rec.” 15.