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These are very influential important ideas that have long pervaded how people think about the way relationships form and are maintained.

Brett Mc Kay: And how have evolutionary psychologist come to this conclusion that men find physical attractiveness more important than women find physical attractiveness in men.

Some interesting insights in the show that lend credence to the old adage that there’s someone for everyone. And what I think is interesting about your research is that it, it goes a different direction from what the sort of the popular and accepted ideas that are out there about what makes humans attracted to one another. So there’s a lot of work out there that takes what I would call a trait based approach to understanding what makes men and women attractive and this is a very simple idea.

After the show’s over, check out our show notes at So before we get to your research and how it adds to that theory, what is, can you walk us through like what the popular and accepted theory of what makes men and women attracted to each other is? It’s that we possess particular desirable qualities, or we don’t, and the extent to which you have those desirable qualities is what makes you appealing in a mate.

I’m doing that by watching and listening to ​The Great Courses Plus.

What does that really all that’s behind the way people pair up?

With women rating it higher than men, but in general these findings sort of fit into this, what I would call this trait based mate value sort of approach where the idea is that there’s some sort of reality about the traits that you possess and your job if you’re looking for a mate from this perspective is to size up whether or not somebody has these qualities and then make your choice accordingly. And that’s why it’s, you know, evolutionary theory touches on these ideas.

Brett Mc Kay: And it’s also a very market driven, right? You have certain values and you kinda have to make trade offs on what you have and what the other person has. But yeah, it’s based on these very classic market based ideas about marriage, this pervade sociology going back 70 years or more.

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Paul Eastwick: It’s interesting because humans can do this really funny thing which is you can put rating scales in front of us and we can fill them out with a pen or a pencil.

We begin a conversation unpacking the fact there’s sometimes a gap between the sexual romantic partners people say they prefer the abstract, and the partners they actually choose in real life.

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