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13-Apr-2020 05:30

Put more simply, an American asks, ‘How does my heart feel?’ whereas a Chinese individual tended to ask, ‘What will other people say? Let’s figure out why Chinese women are better than Japanese.

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Even though China tries to create an image that the country is not interested in sex (which is funny given the population number), behind closed doors Chinese women are quite adventurous about sex and are interested in everything that has to do with sex.With natural beauties you always know what you are getting.Japanese women, on the other hand, seem to have an obsession with make-up.Moreover, many Japanese girls are brought up thinking that marrying a Western man is a disgrace, which is why if you are a Western man seeking a Japanese woman, she will most likely not be interested in hearing how you spend your time at home.

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If you want a woman who is eager to please you and is always glad to be in your company, put a ring on a Chinese woman.Chinese girls are very considerate and well-behaved, they listen to their men and show a genuine interest in their partner.