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As it happens, blind dates led to more marriages than meeting at work, the gym, a night out, and even the serendipitous coffee shop.If your "average" couple is finding love through a date set up by friends or acquaintances, then it stands to reason that celebrities would be using this avenue to find a partner too, right? While some blind dates may be disastrous — like the one Britney Spears went on with the dude who "looked like a lizard" — many famous people have been able to find love in this fashion. Here are a few celebs you probably never knew were set up.In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple spilled the deets about their relationship.Jon revealed that they met "on the only blind date either of [them] had ever been on, at a Mexican restaurant." Tracey chimed in, saying, "The date wasn't blind for me." That is, not blind because she had watched him on television.

Together they run an animal rescue farm in New Jersey, providing abused animals with a new lease on life.Do you agree with my feelings on blind dating, or do you think I'm being close-minded? Is it just to stay in the game and stay sharp with dating or do you believe it just increases our chances of meeting the right person?) discovered that this was how over a quarter of newlyweds met."I said to my friend, half-kidding, 'I'd love to meet her,'" he revealed in an interview with "I had never watched tennis, so I wasn't familiar with him," Wilson admitted to the publication.

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"But when I saw his picture, I was like, 'Oh yeah, he's a cutie.'" The two ended up going out to dinner, which Wilson dubbed "the closest thing to a blind date I've ever been on." The couple married just one year — to the month — later.

Blind anything doesn't seem right: blind test-taking? Meeting the right person is as difficult and important as finding things you love in life: favorite foods, best friends, favorite movies, etc.