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"Seeing this is causing me a lot of pain all over again," Mapes said.

Prosecutors said Crupi pushed his spouse, a fellow teacher at a Brooklyn high school, down the interior stairs of their home during an argument.

Mapes criticized Crupi's post on her organization's Facebook page, writing, "I am here for my daughter.

A Nebraska woman was found dead in a field after a Tinder date.

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They posted the now-deleted clips to a Facebook group run by the victim’s family called “Finding Sydney Loofe.” Boswell, a young mother from Missouri, told her social-media viewers that she met Loofe on Tinder and they “drove around Lincoln, smoked weed [and] had a great time.” She took Loofe on another date the following evening, she said.

Patience is a virtue, and I've learned a lot of it here," Crupi's profile reads.

Crupi's lawyer, Mario Gallucci, said his client has a right to keep up the profile."I could understand why the victim's family may believe that it's disrespectful, however, my client needs to do something to keep his hopes up, and writing such a profile could be beneficial to him being able to serve his life sentence," Gallucci said.

George Zimmerman, a local child killer who was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin back in 2012 and most recently was fined for stalking a man in Seminole County, now has a profile on the dating app Bumble, and he's looking to meet up for "coffee and cake pops." Screengrabs of Zimmerman's profile obtained by Orlando Weekly show that Zimmerman is currently living his best life in Apopka and is self-employed, but also working as a "jury consultant." According to his Bumble, he was also considered the "class clown" and the "favorite student" by his third-grade teacher, but is now looking for "a mature and fun woman that's ready to be loved and respected the way she deserves and is willing to reciprocate." Rather than mentioning the time he threatened to fight Jay-Z and feed him to alligators, got punched in the face for bragging about killing Trayvon Martin at a local bar, or recently told a judge he's .5 million in debt with no income, Zimmerman's profile instead says he can be found "at the dog park with my Rottie, or playing basketball." Oddly, Zimmerman's profile doesn't mention the time he was arrested for felony aggravated assault for allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend's face, or that other time he was arrested for domestic assault after reportedly throwing a bottle of wine at a different girlfriend.

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Besides Bumble, Zimmerman has also been known to linger on OKCupid.

At the end of the second date, Loofe asked to be dropped at a friend’s house, Boswell claimed. We were planning to go to the casino that weekend,” Boswell said in the Facebook video.