Nokia 5800 died after updating Freexxx text chat

12-Jul-2020 22:32

If want to check mark plz click following link phillip - i had my n70 which fell into water but never came back inspite of servicing it at nokia centre and finally when they gave up to many other serice centres who also failed and gave up_ the ned result - the dead phone is still lying in my dump almirah:-(..using nokia 5800 xm..awesome at the price they r giving...touch is good...wonderful features..3rd party softwaes that are available are also good..all those who are experiencing problem with speed...reload ur phoneware after a backup by pressing *#7370#..take 5 minutes to reload ur software..instant speed difference as if ur using for the first up ur important data beforehand..incase:-)...though most of the times u dont usually need it if u use memory card for storage more often like me:-) and better still if u have a 16gb card like me:-) Guys please reply to me.

I have uploaded imaged captured with my mobile phone. hi i buy this phone 2 weeks ago.................somebody say me that when i update my firm its totally works like i phone mean its sensitiveness is

The slick metal design, passable hardware specs, solid camera, and clean Android are the main traits.

This handset doesn’t have many issues, but it does have some.

Now it is mostly applicable when you approach the gadget into your ears.

But on the other day, whne I use my fingers to pass on the sensors it wont turned the screen blank. It really is a big change from my previous 5220 and a true multimedia phone. Only thing that dissapoints is the night-time picture quality, it is bad. Build quality is not bad, but I will try and keep it as safe as possible and am also taking insurance on it as the fear of damage is great.

if u r thinking of buyin this set, i will say there r better mobiles out there in vast NOKIA`s collection.

I can't claim Warranty because now i am 3000 Miles away from UK. Direclty from the Phone over the SW Program or through Nokia Suite from PC?

Ii've had my Xperia Z3 around a month now, and I updated it today (as instructed). It's coming on for around thirty seconds then it restarts again.

That was the moment when my phone died I tried to reflash it using Navi Firm Ex_v1_5_2_english (for geting firmware), and Phoenix_Service_Software_2011.8.3.45122.

During update I receive bellow error : Flashing finalization failed. HRESULT 0x8421001c (-2078212068) Firmware: Cannot verify communication to phone after flashing.Some users reported issues with the low in-call sound quality.