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Reporting of accidents to the MAIB is mandatory for all commercially operated vessels in UK waters and for all UK registered vessels worldwide.

The MAIB receives around 1,200 accident reports annually of which 25 to 30 become full investigations with published reports.

First editor of the Alumni Review, organi- zer of both the Extension Division and the University Press and secretary of the Graham Memorial building fund are but a few of his many contri- butions toward progress for the University.

No, I haven't had my ser ' like a singles-one of my four roor all thoser'Pre-Flisms downtc how long it'Urbe before tour roommal wntown on SB 1 1 I see that old I A note of gratitude goes to Dr. Wilson for whom we dedicate the fifty-sixth volume of the Y'ackety Yack, official yearhook of the students at the University of North Carolina. Louis Round Wilson has, in a quiet unassuming way, pushed for a greater, a hetter University.

^Jne c £5uiidina between Saunders and Bynuni r as V station?

When the needs were clear we turned to the per- sonification of Carolina's spirit. The year de- manded a hard-working and efficient ad- ministrator w ith foresight ; Carolina pre- sented Chancellor Robert B. Carolina men from the youngster fresh from high school to the thirty-year-old vet with his wife and children found an understanding and patient adviser in their dean, Ernest L. Carolina coeds had many problems, found helpful adviser in Dean M. Stacy who affably but sternly sought the best for University women.

Old Carolina men who donned the Blue and White appeared on the campus, after serving on the battlefronts, ready to fight on the sports field once again for the Tar Heel cause. Sadie Hawkins day was revived this year, and students cast their hooks aside and enjoyed playing Lil" Ahner for a day. topped off with a visit to Danziger's for some coffee and doughnuts. Student government and student publications have suffered a shortage of the experienced men needed to maintain the Carolina tradition of government by the students. Mister, I want to fix my ight o'clock or on Saturday ... Somehow through all the confusion we have managed to complete another year at Chapel Hill, in many respects one of the most difficult, yet at the same time one of the most enjoyable. For example, the Review of lifeboats and launching systems’ accidents revealed that 16% of fatalities investigated on merchant ships occurred during lifeboat training exercises.

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Housing has been a major problem since two thousand veterans have returned to complete an education interrupted by the war. Can't do anything here without way is Saunders Hall? Brokes leg , sag £_Ay raid have made Phi Bete too, 'college than just books. Now Professor of Library Science and Administration at the University of North Carolina, Dr.