Muslim girls dating uk

02-Feb-2020 02:08

I don't know what happened to their relationship in the end, but such a scenario could happen to you.

So imo, from your point of view, it's always a big risk. I don't understand what advice you're looking from a Muslim, as we can only be quite negative about this?

As an asian with a muslim family I'm totally for this guy giving it a shot. But seriously, you'd need to know about her family - if they are those really cultural types where problems may occur. Well i know that she has been on dates before (but has kept it quiet from her family).

Last year I remember, a Sikh guy I know was ranting to me about how his Muslim gf returned from doing the Hajj pilgrimage, and now she wants to wear the hijab and "not get intimate" with him until marriage (ironically, they can't really get married either from a religious point of view, so she may even have been leading him on to compensate the shock change).

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