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And if you fear poverty, ALLAH will enrich you out of HIS bounty, if HE pleases. Fight those from among the people of the Book, who believe not in ALLAH, nor in the Last Day, nor hold as unlawful what ALLAH and HIS Messenger have declared to be unlawful, nor follow the true religion, until they pay the tax considering it a favour and acknowledge their subjection.And the Jews say, ‘ Ezra is the son of ALLAH,’ and the Christians say, ‘the Messiah is the son of ALLAH;’ that is what they say with their mouths. They have taken their priest and their monks for lords besides ALLAH. And they were not commanded but to worship the One God. Holy is HE far above what they associate (yushrikoona) with Him!And this is the main difference between Muslims and Christians, Christians consider that if a Bible manuscript was found near the real age (even if this was 200 or 300 years later), then this means that the Bible is true.This is not enough for Muslims, but for Muslims, they should examine that period between the manuscript and the message and make sure that the transmission between the 2 periods is ok.Millions of Muslims nowadays memorize the Quran, and many of them are children under 10 years, while I think that the scholars who memorize the Bible by word can be counted on fingers (if there is really any).

[Such as] these invite unto the fire, whereas God invites unto paradise, and unto [the achievement of] forgiveness by His leave; and He makes clear His messages unto mankind, so that they might bear them in mind. when believing women come to you flying, then examine them; Allah knows best their faith; then if you find them to be believing women, do not send them back to the unbelievers, neither are these (women) lawful for them, nor are those (men) lawful for them, and give them what they have spent; and no blame attaches to you in marrying them when you give them their dowries; and hold not to the ties of marriage of unbelieving women, and ask for what you have spent, and let them ask for what they have spent.And do not marry the idolatresses until they believe, and certainly a believing maid is better than an idolatress woman, even though she should please you; and do not give (believing women) in marriage to idolaters until they believe, and certainly a believing servant is better than an idolater, even though he should please you; these invite to the fire, and Allah invites to the garden and to forgiveness by His will, and makes clear His communications to men, that they may be mindful. 1 Shakir The words rendered as idolatresses and idolaters are from the Arabic term mushrik, which comes from shirk, and more literally means one who associates or ascribes partners to Allah.

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