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01-Jul-2020 09:07

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You have to make sure they take you out on a Saturday night.

I am sure that there are some really nice guys here.

" "I don't don't remember, que hermoso ojos tenes." When one man told me for the 10th time how beautiful I was, I told "I am beautiful inside." He told me "I don't know that. But I look at you now and I know you are beautiful." Sometimes I feel I am a clear example of women should be seen and not heard. Perhaps if I was from this culture I would find it charming and wonderful to always be told about the superficial. They are looking adoringly with vacant eyes at some guy while he talks.

" "Yeah, yeah, I like movies." "What was the last movie you saw? That values intelligence, kindness, loyalty, sense of humor. If you look around the restaurants women are not talking.

She speaks Spanish, and she is blown away, listening.

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I know they would say this to any woman regardless of how she looks. My American men friends or the other foreign men I know say that if they don't tell the Argentine woman at least 20 times during the date how great she looks she won't sleep with them.

Still today it is difficult to explain this to both Argentine men and to women. He heard us speaking English and asked us where we were from. To interrupt a business meeting to flirt with a woman.

She was just thinking the man she was trying to date was difficult to communicate with.… continue reading »

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