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He portrayed a deserting soldier who shares a grim scene with Jude Law's character, and was only on location in Romania for a week.Murphy stated that it was a "massive production", remarking that director Anthony Minghella was the calmest director he'd ever met.They were offered a five-album record deal by Acid Jazz Records, but did not sign the contract; this was owing to Páidi still being in secondary school, and to the small recompense involved in ceding the rights to Murphy's compositions to the record label.but he has said that he knew within days after starting at UCC that law was not what he wanted to do.

Originally asked to audition for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, Murphy never saw himself as having the right physique for the superhero, but leapt at the chance to connect with director Nolan.

He portrayed pandemic survivor Jim, who is "perplexed to find himself alone in the desolate, post-apocalyptic world" after waking from a coma in a London hospital.

Casting director Gail Stevens suggested that Boyle audition Murphy for the role, having been impressed with his performance in Disco Pigs.

He was raised Roman Catholic, and attended the Catholic secondary school Presentation Brothers College; there he did well academically but got into trouble often, sometimes being suspended, until he decided in his fourth year that misbehaving was not worth the hassle.

However, it was in secondary school that he got his first taste of performing, when he participated in a drama module presented by Pat Kiernan, the director of the Corcadorca Theatre Company; Murphy later described the experience as a "huge high" and a "fully alive" feeling that he set out to chase.

Murphy professed that he considered the film to be much deeper than a zombie or horror film, expressing surprise at the film's success and that American audiences responded well to its content and violence.