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The basic rule of thumb is not to exceed a gap of 15 years.Now, there are a lot of processes involved in this.So, to display a specific value in a cell, you need to pass a corresponding value to the e. Each time a cell needs to be updated, the Custom Unbound Column Data (see Custom Unbound Column Data) event is called. Value parameter based on a processed column and row. This example demonstrates how a simple caching mechanism can be implemented. The example below shows how to add an unbound column to the grid to display the amount of each order according to the expression: Quantity Grid View does not cache values of an unbound column, because it is impossible to determine when the cache should be cleared automatically. Grid View just displays values provided by the Custom Unbound Column Data (see Custom Unbound Column Data) event.

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This is because values of the ID column are used as key values. Unbound Expression property to specify and unbound expression.

The event handler receives an argument of type Custom Column Data Event Args containing data related to this event.

The following Custom Column Data Event Args properties provide information specific to this event.

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If your application is working with huge amount of data, then it is not good and efficient to display all records at a time. In custom paging, developers have to write code for selective retrieve of the records from entire records to display in each page.The grid control does not cache data you provide on the Custom Unbound Column Data event. Columns Namespace Windows Application1 Partial Public Class Form1 Inherits Form Private _Key Field As Data Column Private _Tbl As Data Table Private _Cache As New My Cache(, Get Type(Date Time)) For i As Integer = 0 To Row Count - 1 _Tbl. Add(New Object() ) Next i Return _Tbl End Function Public Sub New() Initialize Component() grid Control1.

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